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Why I’m Not a Buzzfeed Feminist
/ 04/22/2014 0 COMMENTS
A couple days ago on Facebook, Planned Parenthood posted a link to a Buzzfeed quiz, “Are you a Feminist?”  It had one question. “Do you believe in ...
Wu-Tang Clan Testing the Media Market
/ 03/30/2014 0 COMMENTS
Last week, legendary New York hip hop group the Wu-Tang Clan announced their decision to sell one sole copy of their next album, The Wu–Once Upon a time in ...
Foreign Affairs
Comparing Sochi’s Hockey to the 1980 Miracle on Ice
/ 02/22/2014 0 COMMENTS
On February 15, The United States Men’s Olympic Hockey team defeated Russia in a shootout thriller that devastated the host nation. This hard fought struggle is a strong reminder of the ...
Oil and Allegiance: Partisans May Be Wrong on Keystone
/ 02/07/2014 0 COMMENTS
When I sat down to write this entry, I intended it to be about the State Department’s recently released impact report for the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. I expected to review ...
Will Obamacare Get Me a Cheaper Mortgage?
/ 03/25/2014 1 COMMENTS
Since its passage, individuals, corporations, and interest groups seem to be constantly challenging the Affordable Care Act in the courts. This week, the owners of a craft store, Hobby ...
Shrinking Army Explains Calls for Gun Control
/ 03/06/2014 0 COMMENTS
The 2014 election season is underway, and one issue seems to have disappeared from the agenda. Early election ads have steered clear of a legislative battle that, just a year ago, was a ...
Political Reform
Senate Spying is a Constitutional Crisis
/ 03/13/2014 0 COMMENTS
In the hit political thriller Scandal, a secret government agency adds just enough human suffering to the show to make the main characters look almost like good guys. The terrifying ...
Respect For Veterans Requires More Than Applause
/ 02/03/2014 0 COMMENTS
In the most memorable part of the 2014 State of the Union, Congress stood to applaud Sergeant First Class (SFC) Cory Remsburg, a soldier who was wounded by a roadside bomb in ...